Transfer Tips
    Use a dry iron on hot settings.  Place iron straight down over motif, pressing down hard for 10 seconds.  Do not move iron back and forth over motif as this smudges stamping.  Lift iron straight up and place over motif as many times as necessary to complete stamping.  Always test stamp the trial motif included with each pattern before stamping fabric.

This pattern will give many stampings, after 4 or more....additionally stamping may require a longer time applying the iron.  To avoid scorching fabric, use a sheet of paper over transfer.  Transfer lines are permanent and water-proof so they will not bleed as you are working on your project.  These lines will fade in time but can be removed if necessary, Naptha Fels, a bar soap product available at most grocery stores.  Follow directions on package.

Copy Permission:  You may copy patterns for personal use or to make items to sell, using the pattern.  You do not have permission to sell the patterns in any form, including photocopies and digitizing.


  Stamping Directions  
  • Cut the motif you wish to use from the pattern. 


  • Lay on a padded surface (an ironing board will do). 


  • Pin it securely in place, printed side down.


  • Try the heat of the iron on the trial motif.


  • Press the heat of the iron on the trial motif.


  • Press over the pattern with a  moderately hot iron.  Do not iron  back and forth over the transfer motif, this smudges the stamping.


  • Before removing transfer, raise edge of transfer to be sure there are not light places, if so apply hot iron again.

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